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Pilot program to expand and support local news through an influencer marketing campaign, where government advertises its programs, job openings, events and services with registered local influencers covering local news across their various platforms. This influencer program will stimulate growth in the production and consumption of local news, creating an entirely new market for good research and journalism. To support local news efforts, government will make all public information not only digital, but searchable, and all public data exportable for easier analysis and visualization. Without local news, there is no local accountability and local government must be good enough to hold itself accountable. This influencer marketing program would also be a major step toward empowering young people and bringing them into local politics. Government currently spends zero dollars communicating on the platforms where young people spend most of their time.

Create a “local news” policy framework around existing CA whistleblower laws: give independent news organizations the same rewards as whistleblowers for rooting out corruption, illegal activity, etc. (up to 50% of the proceeds recovered, depending in the number of people participating in the reward such that the more people involved and paid, the higher percentage paid). This creates a rewards-based local news system where government gets the accountability it wants and good journalism and reporting gets paid well.

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Since eye contact is a language we all know, let’s start speaking it a bit more often. That would be an inclusive way of living.
-Asher Luzatto

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