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Arts and Culture

  1. Designate the entirety of Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles a Black Historical-Cultural Monument.
  2. Exercise eminent domain on every billboard along Crenshaw and create a community arts program to curate Black art to be displayed on these billboards.
  3. Exercise eminent domain on the Baldwin Hills Mall and convert the entire 40 acre property into a Black Harvard-Westlake with the largest and most technologically advanced public library in California. The school will provide a world-class education for highly talented Black youth with inspiring teachers, state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities. The library will contain the largest collection of Black literature, art, music and film in the world and will provide free and unprecedented access to higher learning in all areas of human understanding.
Photo of the Baldwin Hills Mall
  1. Redevelop excess parking into acres of green space for community engagement, political engagement, arts and entertainment. Open up the whole property to the boulevard and the new transit station across the street.
  2. Exercise eminent domain on the Macy's building and convert the entire building into California's first Black film studio.
  3. Require majority Black employment in the design and development of the school, library and studio, and at every level of their operation, including every Board of Directors.
  4. Invest at least $588 million in the school, library, film studio, billboards, and boulevard improvements, including parks, lights and security. This is how much money the city is spending on the 6th Street Bridge, which is a new bridge to replace an old bridge. No more repeating history. It's time to build new bridges.
  5. Invest $30 million annually to support the school and library. Invest $20 million annually to support the film studio. Invest $25 million annually to support Black-owned businesses, restaurants, community spaces, and performance venues along Crenshaw. Invest $25 million annually to support renters in rent-controlled housing around Crenshaw who are experiencing financial hardship. The full amount of annual funding will come from a $100mm reduction in the LAPD budget.

Imagine. 7 miles of Black culture. A boulevard like none other in the world. A destination for global tourism and the first impression of every person taking public transit to or from LAX. This will be the Crenshaw Renaissance.

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Since eye contact is a language we all know, let’s start speaking it a bit more often. That would be an inclusive way of living.
-Asher Luzatto

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