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Decentralize education and create the world's largest free market for public education. California currently spends over $20,000 per student per year in public schools with no ability for families to decide where and by whom their children will be educated despite public schools largely failing to adequately educate our children. By decentralizing public education, an entirely new and innovative market would develop around education with the greatest beneficiaries being teachers, the best of whom could make much more money in a free market, families who would have the freedom to choose teachers and programs that work for their children, and children who would not suffer through overcrowded schools with outdated technology.

A free market for education would be the most equitable, innovative and cost-effective way of empowering a new generation of youth to change the world and save the planet. This free market for education would create an entirely new market for real estate, where teachers could lease storefronts throughout the city as classrooms, which classrooms could be local and walkable for families, eliminating traffic, saving time, and substantially reducing environmental harm. Every teacher, every administrator, every coach, every janitor, and every other person in education could be self-employed or part of a union. Success would be rewarded at every level. Children could grow up happier, healthier, and more free. There is too much waste and too little accountability in education. The ones who suffer most are those who can least afford it. Freedom in education is freedom in the world.

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Since eye contact is a language we all know, let’s start speaking it a bit more often. That would be an inclusive way of living.
-Asher Luzatto

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