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Implementing technology within every element of housing policy and development will substantially reduce the bureaucracy, time and cost, and increase the transparency, accessibility and quality of housing at every level. Failure to implement technology in housing is a failure to serve people where they are in most desperate need of being served. There is simply no justification for the government's failure to adopt technology while every private market embraces exponential technological growth. The government will go bankrupt if such failure continues much longer.

10 Step Plan for Affordable Housing

  • 1. Reservation Tool – An easy-to-use mobile and web application like AirBnB for browsing, booking and paying for emergency and affordable housing, which may be filtered by type, size, location, support services, accessibility and price. In the event public options for emergency and affordable housing are unavailable or inadequate, private options may be “turned on” and made available for booking so long as they comply with all local short-term housing laws and regulations. Transportation will be made immediately available upon booking and payment for emergency housing, with vans and other specialty vehicles reserved for those with disabilities and special needs. This platform will be used by government employees to book emergency and affordable housing on behalf of individuals and families and will not be publicly accessible.

  • 2. Production Tool – An easy-to-use mobile and web application like Etsy for the government to order locally-made, locally-sourced furniture, fixtures, equipment and other goods for all government-owned or controlled housing based on specifications, budgets and timelines set forth by the designers, architects and contractors responsible for building and furnishing such housing. This platform will support thousands of good, local, well-paying jobs, and will substantially improve the quality and design of housing, while achieving a high level of sustainability. Localizing the economic benefits of the forthcoming housing boom will ensure long-term financial stability for the city and its residents.

  • 3. Programming Tool – An easy-to-use mobile and web application like Peerspace for programming education, job training, music, dance and other events within the community spaces of government-owned and controlled housing. Programming may be booked by local government employees or registered local non-profits, with all programming publicly accessible through a city-wide map of community spaces and their event calendars. All reservations may be made free-of-charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • 4. Management Tool – An easy-to-use mobile and web application like Yelp for quickly and efficiently booking and paying for property repairs, maintenance and replacements in government-owned and controlled housing. Service requests can be immediately published on the platform with relevant pictures, estimated job time and other information so that all registered contractors can view and accept or deny requests in much the same way Uber drivers accept or deny potential rides. Hourly rates and form service contracts will be predetermined and maintained on the platform so that work can be performed and paid for entirely through the platform. All registered contractors must be licensed and must maintain current tax, insurance, licensing and other information on profile pages. Ratings and reviews will be issued based on work performed.

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