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Streamline the LA River Revitalization Project, transforming the LA River into miles of biking and walking trails, and thousands of acres of water, green space, and native habitats. The new LA River will increase access to nature for the entire city, providing a source of peace, inspiration and community for all. After 25 years of research, planning, and community engagement and outreach, the time has come to begin work. The transformation of Los Angeles begins with the transformation of the LA River.

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Offer between $100 and $2,500 for every tree, based on size of canopy, planted in minority and underserved areas of the city. Shade and wind will provide great relief to those living in concrete environments. Create an easy-to-use online tool for seamless permitting, planting and payment to avoid overregulation and bureaucratic delays. This program will stimulate a large new network of local, private green jobs.

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Invest $250 million in the development of 50 new parks in South and East Los Angeles, funded by a one-time parcel tax of $0.10 per square foot of land on every single-family parcel, excluding any parcel that has an active ADU or other detached rental unit.

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Since eye contact is a language we all know, let’s start speaking it a bit more often. That would be an inclusive way of living.
-Asher Luzatto

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